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[blank]The "Reviving the Past" exhibit
features work by seven Kansas artists:
Dan Kirchhefer, James Borger, James Ehlers, Betsy Knabe Roe, James Bass,
Margie Kuhn and Yeqiang Wang,
as well as a few artists from the library's collection who use historic images and techniques
to adapt the figures, styles, ideas and symbols to reflect 21st-century themes.

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overview of the display of much of Jim's workEarth Slice WomanHomage to Nancy KeithElongated Form FigureSeated Woman, Looking UpSeated Family

Overview display of much of Jim's work in the show
overview of the display of much of Jim's work

"Earth Slice Woman"
bronze sculputer by Jim Bass
Earth Slice Woman, by James Bass

"Homage to Nancy Keith,"
bronze sculpture by Jim Bass
Kneeling Woman with Pots and Birds, by Jim Bass

"Elonged Form Figure," bronze sculpture by Jim Bas)
Guitar Play in Environment, by Jim Bass

"Seated Woman, Looking Up" drawing by Jim Bass

"Seated Family
," bronze sculpture by James Bass
Seated Family, by James Bass

," mobile, by James Bass
Guitar Player with Birds, by Jim Bass

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