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Jim Bass Artist Statement

I don't want to be wordy as to my work. I appreciate art that is able to speak for itself. A few words are necessary to put things in context, however, as bronze (cast and welded) is a less understood medium.

The pieces displayed on this site are either small to medium size cast bronzes or large size welded bronzes for public statements.

The imagery seen here is most often Midwest inspired and the style is of cubistic influence. I feel strongly about 20th century visual discoveries and have evolved along those lines to challenge the imagination about the prairie; it's people and textures. The pieces are titled as hints to intent.

The cast bronzes in polished areas emanate a silver luster as they are poured in a white bronze alloy. Multiple colors are also most often added to these pieces. The public pieces, welded in a red bronze, are finished in varied earth tones. The cast pieces are stamped editions (most below ten). The public works are all unique pieces.

I cast my own work so I can see the process through to conclusion.

Jim Bass —2009

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