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Jim Bass Bronzes, 07-Current

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ross Legged Guitar PlayerMother and Chilld, Shoulder AbstractionKneeling Guitar Player, Large HeadGuitar Player with Shoulder BirdOpen Standing Women, Split SashStanding Woman with BouquetPrairie Hills Guitar Player
Guitar Player Looking UpGuitar Player, Cubed Leg AreaVertical Line HeadPrairie Leap, On WalnutSturdy Woman Holding BirdSeated Player with Large Guitar

"Cross Legged Guitar Player"
by Jim Bass, 9" H (2007)
Cross Legged Guitar Player, by Jim Bass, 2007

"Mother and Child: Shoulder Abstraction"
by Jim Bass, 12.5" H (2007)
Mother and Child, Shoulder Abstraction, by Jim Bass, 2007

"Kneeling Guitar Player"
Large Head, by Jim Bass, 8.5" H (2007)
Kneeling Guitar Player, Large Head, by Jim Bass, 2007

"Guitar Player with Shoulder Bird" by Jim Bass, 9.5" H (2008)
Guitar Player with Shoulder Bird, by Jim Bass, 2008

"Open Standing Woman: Split Sash" by Jim Bass, 10.5" H (2008)
Open Standing Woman, Split Sash, by Jim Bass, 2008

"Standing Woman with Bouquet" by Jim Bass, 12" H (2008)
Standing Woman with Bouquet, by Jim Bass, 2008

"Prairie Hills Guitar Players" by Jim Bass, 8" H (2009)
Prairie Hills Guitar Player, by Jim Bass, 2009

"Guitar Player Looking Up" 3D formed, by Jim Bass, 9.25" H (2009)
Guitar Player Looking Up, 3D formed, by Jim Bass, 2009

"Guitar Player: Cubed Leg Area" by Jim Bass, 9.75" H (2010)
Guitar Player, Cubed Leg Area, by Jim Bass, 2010

"Vertical Line Head" by Jim Bass, 8.5" H (2011)
Vertical Line Head, by Jim Bass, 2011

"Prairie Leap: on Walnut" by Jim Bass, 11" H x 7" W (2011)
Prairie Leap, on Walnut, by Jim Bass, 2011

"Sturdy Woman Holding Bird" by Jim Bass, 13.5" H (2011)
Sturdy Woman Holding Bird, by Jim Bass, 2011

"Seated Player with Large Guitar" by Jim Bass, 8.5" H (2012)
Seated Player with Large Guitar, by Jim Bass, 2012

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